Let’s get down and dirty on Instagram…

Pinterest Inspiration
  • Great, now that’s all looking fabulous, let me see which photos look the best together so I can plan out my posting order for the grid in “PREVIEW”.
Preview app tutorial
  1. Plan out the posts to show more details on the content and your personal experience.
  2. Tag everything and one, the location, the photographer, the brands. This is just a good work ethic to say thanks to those who helped you create your story.
  • Make your # relevant you have about 30 for each pic, on a regular post, and up to 10 hashtags on a Story.
  • Do not try to compete with the top hashtags, you can include some but competing with those are tough, pick ones that are less frequently used and try to dominate that # area.
  • If your a brand, business, try to use one # consistently to drive UGC and build a library of tags for hashtag you are building up to represent your brand.
  • I would say stalk other pages, get inspiration from them, don’t sound like a robot! Make it real, make it relevant, make it unique to you. Use emojis and always have fun expressing your style.
  • Use this delicately. We don’t want too be salesy, but we do want to drive followers somewhere. My rule is plan out a week.
  • Instagram is great for shopping, but you need 10K or more to link out to an external source. If you have 10 K or more great then the below can work for you, if not always tell people to check out your BIO link as that is the ONLY place you can add the website or external link to drive fans to click on.
  1. Monday I will post something about my blog and drive followers to a topic. This was an engaging CTA.
  2. Wednesday I want to share a fun Hump Day Quotes (no CTA)
  3. Friday I will be driving people to my online store and chat about my new favorite product we launched. (Sales CTA).



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