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IG is tough, here is the Lazy girls guide!

A question I ask myself is, does showing more skin really help your Instagram?

If for instance I started a nun page, how long would it take to get to 10K followers? Versus Let’s get sexy and wham there you go 1 Million followers?

I think quality content, writing what you believe in and talking to a community that aligns with what you think, or share the same ideas and lifestyle is the best most organic way if we don’t take the sexy approach.

So let’s look at it this way, merge your passion, learn to tell your story and take good photos.

Storytelling and taking followers on your journey with you is not always easy, it means you have to be vulnerable and be willing to share a lot of yourself online, something I have avoided, now my feed is full of quotes from Pinterest. I am afraid to be open online, I like being private. Thus find what you feel comfortable to share online and create a concept about it. Also I have realized the more vulnerable you are willing to be the more people will relate to you at the end of the day. It’s all about having clear direction and not losing yourself in the process.

Part 01: Get Inspired

Follow women that inspire you my top favorites are:

Sarah, is real with her body, has fun content and never makes me feel insecure. Jelena is just stunning maybe my girl crush, and just love her style. Goal digger, well let’s just say similair interests here if I could merge these three ladies in one channel that would be my ideal IG baby.

Look at Pinterest to get a good color palette.

Get your ideas togehter it will save you time later or while your shooting pics. I have a Pinterest board for almost everything.

Pinterest Inspiration

You have your photos selected, now its time to edit…

Part 02: Get going with jazzing it up.

Here are my favorite apps when it comes to jazzing up my Instagram. From editing to adding a white border, creating a cool grid for IG story or my wall as well as planning it all out in Preview mode.

  • Great, now that’s all looking fabulous, let me see which photos look the best together so I can plan out my posting order for the grid in “PREVIEW”.
Preview app tutorial

Fabulous, you are almost there, I know all of this seems terribly tedious but we are doing this with a full batch of pictures that we will then plan to post over the next few weeks. So you might be home working hard, but your Instram is still on weekend mode showing how fabulious you are.

Part 03: Get strategic

Great your content is sorted, now how do you tell the story leading followers through the journey? Plan out the timeline, let’s say Monday you post the BTS on your coffee shop/ shoot. Tuesday you share the cafe pics, Wednesday you share the final glam shots utilising all the features to your disposal through stories and feed posts. You can get pretty creative on how you take your fans through your experience.

  1. Plan out the posts to show more details on the content and your personal experience.
  2. Tag everything and one, the location, the photographer, the brands. This is just a good work ethic to say thanks to those who helped you create your story.

4. #Hashtags + Captions + CTA


  • Make your # relevant you have about 30 for each pic, on a regular post, and up to 10 hashtags on a Story.
  • Do not try to compete with the top hashtags, you can include some but competing with those are tough, pick ones that are less frequently used and try to dominate that # area.
  • If your a brand, business, try to use one # consistently to drive UGC and build a library of tags for hashtag you are building up to represent your brand.


  • I would say stalk other pages, get inspiration from them, don’t sound like a robot! Make it real, make it relevant, make it unique to you. Use emojis and always have fun expressing your style.

CTA: Call to Action

  • Use this delicately. We don’t want too be salesy, but we do want to drive followers somewhere. My rule is plan out a week.
  • Instagram is great for shopping, but you need 10K or more to link out to an external source. If you have 10 K or more great then the below can work for you, if not always tell people to check out your BIO link as that is the ONLY place you can add the website or external link to drive fans to click on.
  1. Monday I will post something about my blog and drive followers to a topic. This was an engaging CTA.
  2. Wednesday I want to share a fun Hump Day Quotes (no CTA)
  3. Friday I will be driving people to my online store and chat about my new favorite product we launched. (Sales CTA).

Now after a month you can go back and see which did best change it up, or keep it the same. It’s all in the analytics and follow ups to adapt to what is working and what is not.

We have so many tools at the touch of our finger tips, all we need to do is search for it. Stay updated with articles and through Podcasts. I enjoy reading and watching the videos from LATER as it is an easy way to stay updated.

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